The Harmonie59 Session March 2016

First part is done. Amazing three days of fun, joy, talks, laughs, excitement, and a fascinating recording of 520min/48kHz/24bit/32 tracks are waiting to be mixed and mastered.

More on the sound of Harmonie59 Session March 2016 will be available to listen in the upcoming months.
Stay in tune!

Roderik Vanderstraeten (Sounddesign)
Scott Roller (Cello/Electronics)
Manuel Loos (Drums/Percussion/Electronics)
Christoph Sauer (Contra Bass/E Bass)
Sasha Shlain (Keys/Fender Rhodes/Percussion/Electronics)
Ingmar Kurenbach (E-Guitar/Mandoline/Effects)
Michi Meier (Moog/Effects/Visuals)
Monika Golla (Klangkunst)

Technical Support by Hees Audio and Tonetemple
Assistant Audio Engineer Lucas Buczilowski (SAE-Stuttgart)