Sasha Shlain


English / Deutsch

Sasha was born 1967 in Eastern Russia and grew up in a musical family. From 1982 to 1988 he visited the colleges in Kishinev (Moldavia) and Chernovtsy (Ukraine) and attained the Diploma for Piano and Music Theory. In his childhood he has been confronted with classical and jazz music, his parent’s passion. At the age of twelve he started playing in several groups, at the beginning in the band of his father, an alto saxophone player. Afterwards he has been playing in various professional formations, moving into a broad spectrum of styles between rock and jazz. The introducing to electronic synthesizer has been an important step for Sasha’s identity as a composer. Impressed by the variety of sound and it’s creative potential, he discovered this technique to create his own music. However, thanks to the strong link to classical music, he has been influenced by composers such as Alexander Scriabin, Dmitry Shostakovich, Sergei Prokofiev, Igor Stravinsky, and Arvo Pärt. The acoustic piano and electronic instruments are essential components in his work as composer, in which the balance between different musical worlds plays an important role.

In 1990, the Shlain family settled in Israel. Oriental music left traces on Sasha’s musical calligraphy, which has been enriched by Eastern percussion instruments. Thanks to Israel’s international population, the young musician got in touch with an inspiring variety of world music. Sasha was looking for a place where was possible gathering all its musical impressions and ideas. Finally, the theater offered him the right opportunity. Between 1996 and 2006 he has been involved in productions of various theaters, including the National Habima Theater (Tel Aviv), the Kamery Theater (Tel Aviv) and The Khan Theater (Jerusalem). In this period he has been playing in bands such as Zafa, Alidin and Magic. In 2005 he came to Switzerland with the „White Flag Band“ – a journey that changed his life. In this project Sasha could connect his abilities and musical “know how“ with his wish to make a difference in the difficult political situation in the Holy Land. During two months he has been playing as a guest with four Palestinian and four Israelian musicians. In co-production with Swiss Television the band has being filmed for documentary “Playing with the Enemy” .They successfully played at KKL in Lucerne, Montreux Jazz Festival and other venues in Switzerland. At the same time, they recorded a live CD and DVD from a performance at KKL Lucerne. Since 2006 Sasha is based in Switzerland. As a midi programmer in 2006 he created a sampler setup for two midi keyboards for the opera „Die Schnecke“ („The Snail“) at Luzerner Theater. With dancer and choreographer Linda Magnifico 2007 he founded the music and dance company cie.dysoundbo. Between 2009 and 2014 Sasha was the musician of the contemporary class for Talent-Tanz-Wettbewerbe of Migros Cultural Percentage (CH).

He writes music for dance companies, freelance artists, is giving concerts and is involved in several productions at Luzerner Theater, Theater St Gallen and Spiegel Theater Zürich(CH). In 2012 Sasha launches the trio “EsteeMates”.